Password protect directory with .htaccess and .htpasswd

To password protect your website folder with shell command:-

- Create a file name .htaccess in the folder that you want to password protect with the content below:-

AuthName "Password Protect Directory"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /home/username/.htpasswd
Require valid-user

- In shell type:-

htpasswd -c /home/username/.htpasswd your_desire_username

You will be prompt for a new password.
- Once you enter your password, file with name .htpasswd will be created at /home/username directory and now your website folder has been password protected
- Open your browser and try to access your password protected folder. It should now ask you to login now.

To password protect directory with CPanel Hosting Control Panel:-

  • Login into your CPanel and click on Password Protect Directories
  • Once you click on Password Protect Directories, you will see a list of directories
  • Click on the directory that you wish to password protect
  • Fill in a Username and Password at the bottom of the page, and click Add / modify authorized user
  • Once user created successfully, just click “Go Back”
  • Now, Check the Directory requires a password to access via the web
  • Fill in Protected Resource Name, actually this is just the message that will show in the login window
  • then, Highlight the user you just created from the Active Users list and click on Save button below the Protected Resource Name
  • You are Done! The directory you just select has been protected by password.
  • To ensure you directory has been password protected, launch you browser and visit the folder, if browser prompt you to login, your directory has been protected by password!