Configure SmarterMail email on an Android Phone or Tablet

 Applies To: LiveHosting Windows Hosting customers wishing to receive email from a SmarterMail account on an Android device.

Note that these instructions and screens may vary slightly due to manufacturer modifications to the phone. To configure your Android phone or tablet for SmarterMail Email:
  1. On your Android device, select the "Menu" button on the bottom on the phone, and then select Settings.
  2. Select + Add Account, Accounts, or Accounts & Sync (varies depending on device):

  3. Select Email as the account type:

  4. Select Other as the account type:

  5. Enter your email address and password:

  6. Select IMAP as the account type:

  7. Enter the following information:
    Username: your complete email address
    Password: your email password
    IMAP Server:
    Click Next when complete.

  8. Enter the following information:
    SMTP Server:
    Port: 587
    Security Type: none
    Require Sign-In: checked
    Username: your complete email address
    Password: your email password
    Click Next when complete.

  9. Optional: Enter your desired check intervals.  Recommended range is 15-30 minutes (note that setting more frequent checks may affect your phone's battery life).  You can also choose to make this account the default sending account and set the notification option. Click Next when complete.

  10. Enter a name for your account (Example- Office Email) and Your Name (this displays when sending and replying). Select Done when complete.

  11. Your inbox will now synchronize your email with the mail server.  This may take several minutes depending on your Internet connection speed and the amount of email in your mailbox.
  12. Email setup is now complete.